Published: 2020-03-26

Scrotal hitch: a novel technique to reduce post-operative scrotal oedema in inguinal hernia surgeries: a pilot study

Raadhika Raja, P. N. Sreeramulu, Vikranth Suresh N., Srinivasan D.


Background: Inguinoscrotal swellings are the most common presenting complaints in the surgical out patient department and surgeries for the same are the most commonly done elective procedures.However meticulous the surgeon is, there is always some amount of scrotal oedema. Our study is intended to use a simple and novel technique by applying a scrotal hitch after the surgery to prevent the scrotal oedema. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a scrotal hitch in reducing the scrotal oedema and pain postoperatively.

Methods: In this study all subjects undergoing inguinal hernia surgeries at undergoing at R.L. Jalappa Hospital, Kolar from June 2019 to August 2019 were included. Of the 60 subjects, 30 in group A were given scrotal hitch and subjects in group B were given scrotal support alone. The incidence of scrotal oedema and postoperative pain and development of any complications will be compared in both the groups.

Results: A total of 60 subjects were included in this study. Mean age of patients in group A is 45.63±21.745 and group B is 41.43±24.579. 2 patients with scrotal hitch developed scrotal edema whereas 6 patients developed scrotal edema in group B. The post-operative pain score was lower in patients with scrotal hitch.

Conclusions: Scrotal hitch is a simple and effective technique in preventing post-operative oedema and pain. The results of this study would encourage surgeons to take up this simple procedure to prevent the commonest complication of inguino-scrotal surgeries.


Hernioplasty, Scrotal hitch, Scrotal edema

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