Published: 2020-01-27

A rare case of colonic perforation presenting as Fournier’s gangrene

Haraesh Maranna, Pawan Lal, Lovenish Bains, Salil Yadav, Rahul Bhatia, M. Yasir Beg, Pritesh Kumar, Eva Wilse Momin, Gaurav Kumar


A 48-year-old obese gentleman with mild pain over abdomen for 10 days followed by pain and swelling in the right side of scrotum with skin discolouration for 2 days. Clinically necrotic patch with pus discharge was noted on the right side of scrotum. Extensive debridement over scrotum was done following which inflamed omentum and fecal contents were noticed from the inguinal canal. Patient underwent laparotomy and an ascending colonic perforation was found. A loop colostomy with partial omentectomy and inguinal hernia repair along with serial debridement of scrotal wound was done. Although uncommon, gastrointestinal perforations should be considered as a potential etiology in Fournier’s gangrene.


Fournier gangrene, Inguinal hernia, Perforation, Peritonitis

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