Published: 2020-01-27

Radical resection of giant ameloblastoma mandible with free fibula reconstruction: a case report and review of literature

Ankit Vishwani, Kavita Goyal, Dhirendra Suman, Vipin Arora, Suvercha Arya, Manisha Yadav


The ameloblastoma is a rare odontogenic tumor of the oral cavity. It is slow growing, locally invasive benign tumor affecting mandible more than maxilla mostly in age group 30-60 years. It grows in bone and soft tissue causing facial disfigurement. Treatment is surgical taking wide margins. This case report describes the treatment of a 30-year-old female having right side jaw swelling since two years, fine needle aspiration cytology was suggestive of ameloblastoma. Right hemi mandibulectomy was done by head and neck surgery team and reconstruction was done by plastic surgery team using free fibula flap. The free fibula osteocutaneous flap is the most versatile and reliable option for microsurgical reconstruction of large mandibular defects.


Free fibula osteocutaneous flap, Giant ameloblastoma, Hemi mandibulectomy, Radical resection

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