Published: 2019-12-26

Use of diclofenac suppositories in pain management in acute fissure in ano in outpatient department care

Juthikaa Abhijit Deherkar


Background: Per anal diseases and the pain management in such cases have always been a problematic solution for surgeons. There are various pain management methods for per anal cases, however we wanted a cheaper yet effective way and patient friendly method for pain management where no expertise would be required, hence we opted to see results of diclofenac suppositories which were easily available, patient could insert it without anyone’s help or assistance and hence need not be hospitalized for any intravenous analgesics.

Methods: A study was conducted over 2000 cases over a span of 6 years in a tertiary centre. A control group A of 1000 patients was made where, oral (tablet diclofenac) plus local analgesics (xylocaine gel) were opted for whereas the other group B of 1000 patients was treated with diclofenac suppository 100 mg twice a day with glycerin as lubricant at anal verge. The pain score was noted in both the groups. All acute fissure in ano cases, we included in this study.

Results: The pain score of the group B cases was much lower than the group A cases, and also the duration of results acquired was much lesser than group A.

Conclusions: Diclofenac suppository 100 mg twice a day proved to be an excellent pain management method for acute fissure in ano cases in outpatient department care.


Acute fissure in ano, Diclofenac suppository, Per anal pain

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