Published: 2019-11-26

Helicobacter pylori among the cases of gastritis: a one year study at a tertiary care hospital of South India

Ayathu V. S. Sai Mahesh, Shyam Sundar Tandri


Background: Gastritis is one of the commonest clinical conditions encountered by a physician. The most common cause is said to be infection with Helicobacter pylori. The present study was aimed to diagnose the prevalence of H. pylori infection among the cases of gastritis and its correlation with histopathological findings and associated rapid urease test.

Methods: A one year prospective study at a tertiary care hospital was conducted and all cases of gastritis were included and socio demographic data, clinical complaints and duration were noted. Endoscopy was performed on all cases. Biopsy was performed histopathological examination with staining and graded by Houston-updated Sydney system. Rapid urease test was performed and findings noted.

Results: 325 cases with 215 male and 110 female cases were included. 26.15% were in age group of more than 60 years and number of cases increased with age. Mean age of study participants was 39.12±2.8 years and heart burn was the common complaint in the study cases. 81.54% of the cases revealed endoscopic gastritis on endoscopy and hyperaemia was commonest. 83.69% were positive by rapid urease test. Rapid urease test is more sensitive than histological staining in confirmation of H. pylori infection.

Conclusions: To conclude on the present study, the prevalence of H. pylori infection is on a global rise and appropriate measures to reduce the prevalence is quite an urgent necessity. Histopathological interpretation of gastric biopsies is a reliable indicator of H. pylori infection as well as gastritis grading according to the Sydney grading system.


Helicobacter pylori, Gastritis, Rapid urease test, Endoscopy

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