Great saphenous vein diameter at different regions and it's relation to reflux


  • Said I. El Mallah Department of Surgery, Menoufia University, Menoufia, Egypt
  • Yahia M. Al Khateep Department of Surgery, Menoufia University, Menoufia, Egypt
  • Kareem H. Kamel Department of Vascular Surgery, El Sahel Teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt



Varicose veins, Great saphenous vein, Vein diameter at different regions, Comparison of clinical trials


Background: Great saphenous vein (GSV) incompetence is involved in the majority of cases of varicose disease. Standard pre-interventional assessment is required to decide the treatment modalities. GSV diameter measured at sapheno-femoral junction, proximal thigh, distal thigh, knee, proximal leg, distal leg. Analysis done to find at which diameter size the reflux expected to occur.

Methods: The study involved 100 limbs from outpatient vascular clinic. GSV diameter measurement was done at the sapheno-femoral junction, at the proximal thigh, at the distal thigh, below the knee, mid leg in correlation to the reflux.

Results: SFJ reflux (group I) was observed at 7.16±2.30 mm, proximal thigh (group II) at 6.60±1.89 mm, distal thigh (group III a) at 6.12±1.63 mm, knee (group III b) at 5.78±1.60 mm, proximal leg (group IV) at 4.6±1.24 mm, and mid leg (group V) at 3.59±1.16 mm.

Conclusions: Measurement at six sites revealed higher sensitivity and specificity to predict reflux, GSV diameter correlates with reflux, sites to predict reflux not only at SFJ and proximal thigh but GSV measurement at knee joint can predict reflux. Measurement of GSV at knee joint can predict reflux if more than 5.5 mm.


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