Published: 2019-12-26

Demographics in trauma: a prospective observational study in a tertiary care zonal hospital

Shrikant Manwatkar, Aniket Sharma, Anurakshat Gupta, Amit Chhikara, Vikram Trehan, Rajiv Ranjan, Dheeraj Yadav, Harimohan Sharma, Tinku Antony, Nagakishore Karuparthy, Pallavi Dhanvijay, Vishy Chaudhary


Background: Trauma represents a major challenge worldwide and is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in young population. There is significant change in trauma related injuries due to urbanization, motorization, industrialization and the socioeconomic changes in India. Road traffic accidents (RTA) pose the largest threat to human lives and have become the number one public hazard all across the world causing morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is to find out the demographics and to determine the injury pattern of surgical trauma cases presenting to this tertiary care zonal hospital.

Methods: A prospective observational study was conducted in a tertiary care zonal hospital from June 2018 to December 2018. Data was collected for 105 patients presented with trauma in surgical emergency centre of this hospital were included in the study which excluded only orthopaedic trauma cases. The data collected was analysed.

Results: Out of 105, 76 (72.38%) were male and 29 (27.61%) were female with 21 (20%) in the 31-40 age group. The average age of cases was 40.2 years.  RTA was the major cause of trauma i.e. (77.14%) followed by accidental fall and slips (18.09%) and assaults (4.76%). Contusion was the common injury sustained (45.71%) followed by laceration (38.09%), abrasion (35.23%) and fracture (17.14%).

Conclusions: There is a need for trauma registries which can help to formulate strategies towards decreasing the burden of trauma and improved outcomes at hospital as well as in public health.


Trauma, Road traffic accidents, Surgical emergency

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