Published: 2019-10-24

Mediastinal mature teratoma in an adolescent: a rare case presentation

Divyang Dave, Nipun Bansal, Hardik Astik, Varun Joshi, Ojas Patel


Teratomas are the most common germ cell tumours composed of two or more germ layers. Mediastinum is the most common site of extragonadal germ cell tumour. Teratomas are relatively rare of all tumours in mediastinum. Here, we report a rare case of an adolescent who presented with chest pain and breathlessness. CT scan showed a large, well-defined lesion with internal fat density, calcifications, cystic and solid components arising from anterior mediastinum. He was successfully operated and treated at New Civil Hospital Surat attached to Government Medical College Surat. The purpose of this case report is to bring in light to the mediastinal mature teratomas in adolescents as they have very low incidence rate.


Mediastinum, Teratoma, Thoracotomy

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