Amyand’s hernia: a case report

Gawade Harshad Namdev, Padale Sanjay, Shetty Varun, Deshpande Padnanabh


Amyand’s hernia is a rare pathology of an appendix with or without inflammation within the hernia sac is named after the French born English surgeon Dr. Claudius Amyand. We hereby present a case report of this rare entity known as a type 2 Amyand’s hernia. A 64 years old male, who had had a left-sided inguinal hernia for the previous 5 years, presented with a 2-day-history of fever, pain, vomiting, and irreducibility of the hernia. Upon exploration an irreducible inguinal hernia with appendix as its content was identified. Appendectomy was performed followed by a tension free mesh repair of the underlying hernia. Consequently, our recommendation is that the decision to perform an appendectomy and/or to use mesh to repair hernias should always be individualized.


Amyand’s hernia, Appendectomy, Mesh repair

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