Published: 2019-09-26

Breast filariasis presenting as breast abscess: a rare entity from an endemic region

Vaibhav R. Gopal, Surender Kumar, Faraz Ahmad, Mithlesh Bhargav, Riddhi Jaiswal


A thirty two year female presented with painless progressive lump in right breast with intermittent high grade fever for 10 days. No other symptoms were present. She was non diabetic, non-hypertensive with insignificant family and menstrual history. On examination there was a tender freely mobile lump of approximately 5×4 cm occupying lower inner quadrant having firm consistency and a centre fluctuant area of 1 cm, the overlying skin was erythematous. A single non tender mobile lymph node was present in the right axilla. Contralateral breast was clinically normal. High resolution sonography revealed cystic lesion from 3-6 O’ clock position and axillary lymphadenopathy. The fine needle aspiration cytology showed microfilariae. Hence, a diagnosis of breast filariasis was made. Fluid aspirated from the cavity came out to be sterile. Patient improved symptomatically on di-ethyl-carbazine citrate (DEC) therapy (6 mg/kg for 2 weeks) and the lump too regressed in size.


Filariasis, Diethyl carbazine citrate, Granulomatous mastitis, Benzathine penicillin

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