Intramuscular cavernous haemangioma of the triceps brachii: a rare tumour with good prognosis


  • Leon Alexander Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Universal Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE



Intramuscular cavernous hemangioma, Triceps, Surgical excision, Embolization, Sclerotherapy


Intramuscular cavernous hemangiomas are a sub-type of deep soft tissue hemangiomas most commonly presenting in the lower extremities. This report highlights the rare occurrence of these tumours in the upper extremity (triceps muscle) in which only a handful of cases have been reported in literature. The tumour was treated pre-operatively with embolization and sclerotherapy followed by complete excision of the lesion along with the lateral head of triceps. Following complete removal, the patient has been symptom-free for almost one year with no recurrence reported to date. In conclusion, early diagnosis and timely intervention can help prevent complications like neurovascular compromise, minimise recurrence and lead to excellent functional outcomes with minimal morbidity as exemplified in this case.


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