Published: 2019-07-25

Multiple scrotal epidermoid cysts: a case of cosmetic infertility

Vinayak Rengan, Vinodh Duraisami, Chetna Ravindra, Karthik Muralidharan


A 48 years old man presented to the surgical OPD with a history of multiple painless swellings on his scrotum for 20 years. He had avoided all sexual relations with his wife due to potential embarrassment. A clinical diagnosis of scrotal epidermoid cysts was made. Both testes were normal on ultrasound. Upon surgery, the scrotal skin was thoroughly excised, and primary closure of skin was done. Postoperative period was uneventful. The patient engaged in intercourse with his partner two weeks after surgery. The man and his partner were referred to the psychiatry unit for appropriate counselling. Scrotal epidermoid cysts cause significant psychological handicap. In Asian countries, the taboo of seeking medical assistance for genital conditions still exists. The treatment of scrotal epidermoid cysts requires a team of surgeons, psychologists, and psychiatrists.


Genitourinary tract, Painless swellings over the scrotum, Scrotal epidermoid cysts

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