Presentation and postoperative outcomes of residual cavity of liver hydatid cyst


  • Akram N. Dahel Department of Surgery, Fallujah Teaching Hospital, Fallujah, Anbar
  • Labeed Saadallah Abdulkareem Department of Surgery, Fallujah Teaching Hospital, Fallujah, Anbar



Hydatid cyst, Residual cavity


Background: Hydatid disease is endemic in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and South America. The aim of the study was to follow up the fate of residual liver hydatid cysts cavities after surgery.

Methods: From the period of April 2014 to April 2017 a prospective study was conducted on sixty patients who were admitted to Fallujah Teaching Hospital for surgery of hydatid cyst of the liver. There were 36 female and 24 male patients who were followed up by serial abdominal ultrasound examinations at three monthly intervals for a period of up to two year.

Results: Complete involution of the hydatid cavities occurs more in those treated by omentoplasty and simple closure and complications are lower than those treated by external drainage.

Conclusions: Characteristics of liver hydatid cyst and the type of surgical treatment can be considered as a determinant of postoperative cavity related complication.


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