Published: 2019-09-26

Retroperitoneal abscess secondary to the perianal abscess: a surgical dilemma

Dharmendra Kumar, Mohan Kumar K., Raghupathi S., Amit Mittal


Perianal abscess accounts for approximately two third of anorectal infection. Perianal abscess spreading retroperitoneally and forming extensive abscess is very rarely encountered. We are presenting a 33 year old newly diagnosed diabetic patient who presented initially with fever, pain in right loin region and burning micturition since 1 week. Patient also took care of pain during defecation. On DRE, boggy swelling was noted in right lateral wall. USG abdomen and pelvis was normal. Patient diagnosed to have perianal abscess and incision and drainage was done. Subsequently patient developed severe right loin pain and continuous high grade fever. CT abdomen pelvis was done which was suggestive of purulent content retroperitoneally extending to right loin for which incision and drainage was done. Antibiotics as per culture report administered and patient improved. 


Perianal abscess, Retroperitoneal abscess, Incision

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