Median cleft lip: an uncommon and unique anomaly




Median cleft lip, DeMyer sequence, Median cleft face syndrome


Median or midline cleft lip [MCL] is an uncommon anomaly characterized by a midline vertical cleft through the upper lip and are either isolated or part of multiple anomalies. It can involve the pre-maxilla, the nasal septum, and the central nervous system. MCL includes Complete (42%), Incomplete (49%), and Minor forms (9%). The three main groups distinguished were: 1. Isolated MCL; 2. MCL with craniofacial malformations; and 3. MCL with extra-facial malformations. To analyze two operated cases of median cleft lip and review the relevant literature. The details of two cases of median cleft lip that were operated in 2017 were analysed. Both cases underwent wedge excision with the classical inverted V incision and muscle reconstruction with satisfactory result. Both the patients had no syndromic association or associated anomaly. All cases of MCL require evaluation for associated abnormalities. Isolated MCL can be repaired surgically with a good outcome. 


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