Unusual presentation of a rectal foreign body: a diagnostic dilemma


  • Pei Pei Lee Department of Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah
  • Jitt Aun Chuah Department of Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah
  • Ratha Krishnan Sriram Department of Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah




Bowel necrosis, Laparotomy, Rectal foreign body


Rectal foreign bodies present a challenge to surgeons from obtaining the correct diagnosis to managing the patient due to a wide array of presentation. Diagnostic dilemmas often arise as patients are sometimes unwilling to disclose the actual history and seek medical attention late. We present a case of a 65 year old Asian gentleman who present with history of per-rectal bleeding, tenesmus, acute urinary retention, constitutional symptoms with investigations suggestive of rectal malignancy. Intraoperatively identified a rubber-like foreign body tightly packed in the pelvic-cavity with severe injury to the rectum requiring abdominal-perineal resection.


Author Biography

Jitt Aun Chuah, Department of Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah

State Surgeon, Department of Surgery


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