Spindle cell tumor presenting as RIF mass

Thakut Gowtham, Sheetal Ashok Murchite, Vaishali Vinayak Gaikwad, Abhay D. Chougale, Rakesh Kumar Ranjan, Vishwas Thimmegowda


Spindle cell sarcoma is a rare tumor that arises most commonly from the peripheral and deep soft tissues. It usually occurs in the extremities but rarely present as a large abdominal mass, and in this case it was a recurrent tumor involving whole of rectus muscle on right side. We report the case of a 42 year old male who presented with abdominal swelling and distention. CT scan showed a mass occupying the whole of the abdomen and pelvis. Exploration of abdomen revealed a hard mass about 13×10×11 cm in size. Complete excision was done, the huge defect was closed by transposition of left side rectus abdominus muscle with prolene mesh, which was a challenging task in this case. On histopathology and immunochemistry a high grade spindle cell carcinoma was confirmed.


RIF mass, Spindle cell sarcoma, Transposition flap, Immunochemistry

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