Published: 2019-06-29

Laparoscopic repair of left paraduodenal hernia in an adult: case report and literature review

Alaa Sedik, Mostafa Elsayed, Mufid Maali, Abdehamid Haraga, Meriam Touhahria, Salwa Elhoushy


An internal hernia is a protrusion of bowel through a normal or abnormal orifice in the peritoneum or mesentery and the resulting hernia remains intraperitoneal. The para-duodenal type is the most common type of congenital internal hernias. We reported a case of left paraduodenal hernia, who presented with recurrent attacks of severe abdominal pain and occasional vomiting. The case was diagnosed as a left huge paraduodenal hernia, and prepared for a laparoscopic repair after which he made uneventful recovery and remained free of symptoms when he was seen for follow up in surgery outpatient clinic.


Congenital, Laparoscopy, Para-duodenal hernia, Peritoneal fossae

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