Published: 2019-06-29

A rare case of cecal actinomycosis presenting as cecal mass with appendicular perforation

Dhiraj D. Sagrule, Mukteshwar N. Deshmukh, Sunil M. Lanjewar, Rohit Chauhan


Actinomycosis of colon is an uncommon disease. It is a chronic granulomatous disease caused by Actinomyces species. The ileo-cecal region is most commonly affected, while the left side of the colon is more rarely involved. Presentation may vary from nonspecific symptoms and signs to an acute abdomen. It may mimic colonic malignancy, obstruction or perforated viscera. Preoperative diagnosis is rare and is established only in less than 10% of cases. We report a very rare case of cecal actinomycosis presenting as acute abdomen with a vague lump in right iliac fossa which was found to be appendicular perforation with cecal mass during emergency laparotomy. The final diagnosis was only found post-operatively on histopathology.


Actinomycosis, Antibiotics, Appendicular perforation, Cecal mass, Pus culture sensitivity

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