A prospective clinical trial on comparison of thyroidectomy done with or without drain

Rajan V. K.


Background: The practice of using the drain in thyroidectomy is common to avoid complications like a hematoma. Many surgeons use drain following thyroid surgery with an intention to evacuate the collected serum and blood. Objective was to evaluate the necessity of routine drainage and advantages in thyroidectomy.

Methods: Prospective, non-randomized clinical trial was conducted for a duration of 1 year in 60 patients attended hospital. Patient were divided into two groups (Group WD and Group D). Epi-info version 7.0 was used for analysis. P<0.05 is considered statistically significant.

Results: As seen the surgery was common in females which was significant (p<0.05) with the average age of 44 years in patients treated without drain while 42 years with drain. The most common diagnostic indication was found to be thyroid nodule. length of stay in hospital was less in patients were surgery was done with drain (2 days) (p<0.05).

Conclusions: Significant reduction in length of hospital stay in drainage group compared to non-drainage group. So suction drainage should be done as a routine procedure.


Clinical trial, Haematoma, Colorectal, Thyroidectomy, Suction drain

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