A retrospective study on laparoscopic appendectomy versus open appendectomy


  • P. Senthil Kumar Department of General Surgery, Kanyakumari Government Medical College, Kanyakumari, India
  • S. Edwin Kin’s Raj Department of General Surgery, Thoothukudi Medical College, Kamarajar Nagar, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Saranya Nagalingam Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Velammal Medical College, Hospital and Research Institute, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0826-2403




Acute appendicitis, Open appendicectomy, Laparascopic appendicectomy, Gold standard, McBurney incision


Background: Appendectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed in emergency surgery. Open appendectomy is the “gold standard” for the treatment of acute appendicitis. Laparoscopic appendectomy though widely practiced has not gained universal approval. Our aim is to compare the safety and benefits of laparoscopic versus open appendectomy in a retrospective study.

Methods: The study was done as a retrospective study among 387 patients diagnosed with appendicitis for a period of 18 months in the Dept of General Surgery. All patients included were 16 years and above and followed up for 3 weeks. In this study, 130 patients diagnosed as acute appendicitis - underwent open appendectomy and 257 patients diagnosed as sub-acute cases of appendicitis - underwent laparoscopic appendectomy. These two groups (open & laparoscopic) were compared for operative time, length of hospital stay, postoperative pain, complication rate, early return to normal activity.

Results: Laparoscopic appendectomy was associated with a shorter hospital stay (around 4.5 days), with a less need for analgesia and with an early return to daily activities (around 11.5 days). Operative time was significantly shorter in the open group (35 mins), when compared with laparoscopic group (around 59 mins). Total number of complications was less in the Laparoscopic group with a significantly lower incidence of post-op pain and complications.

Conclusions: The laparoscopic approach is a safe and efficient operative procedure and it provides clinically beneficial advantages over open appendectomy (including shorter hospital stay, an early return to daily activities and less post-op complications).

Author Biography

Saranya Nagalingam, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Velammal Medical College, Hospital and Research Institute, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Intensive Care Unit


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