The role of tibialis posterior tendon transfer in foot drop by circumtibial route and evaluation of the results according to criteria


  • R. K. Chaurasia Department of Orthopedics, Govt Medical College, Banda, Uttar Pradesh, India



Tibialis posterior, Circumtibial, Carayon


Background: The transfer of the tibialis posterior tendon to the anterior aspect of the ankle not only replaces the function of the paralyzed muscles, but also removes the deforming force on the medial aspect of the foot. This study was conducted to find the role of tibialis posterior tendon transfer in foot drop by circumtibial route and with evaluation of the results according to criteria.

Methods: This study was conducted in MLB Medical College and Hospital, Jhansi. Patients of paralytic foot drop due to leprosy with a moderately strong tibialis posterior muscle were selected from the outpatient department of Orthopaedics and Leprosy reconstructive surgery units. After taking informed consent, detailed history was taken. Data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel and the difference was considered to be significant if ‘p’ value was <0.05.

Results: Eleven patients were operated. Majority were males (82%). Eight patients (73%) had excellent and good results which were aged less than forty years. Two cases showed excellent results after corrective surgery that had deformities from 31 to 36 months before operation. Out of six patients who were taking antileprotic treatment, one (9.1%) showed excellent and three (27.3%) showed good results.

Conclusions: Method of anterior transfer of tibialis posterior for correction of foot drop has given encouraging results in a fairly large percentage of cases. The greatest utility of such a transfer is that of allowing the freedom of normal mobility in comparison to bony stabilization. After correction of deformity and disability the patient’s mental health is improved.


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