Published: 2019-03-26

Oncocytoma: a mystifying parotid mass

Jeevan G. Sanjive, N. S. Reddy, V. Soundara Rajan


Parotid oncocytoma presents in less than 1% of salivary gland tumors. Therefore, there are only very few reported cases in literature. This tumor is often diagnosed in elderly age group. It is often misdiagnosed clinically as pleomorphic adenoma, hemangioma or Warthin’s tumor. CT imaging usually shows an enhancing lobulated mass; however, it cannot exactly diagnose oncocytoma. It can be confirmed only by histopathological examination. This case report is of an Indian female of 66 years with parotid swelling who underwent total conservative parotidectomy. Post operatively, patient has no residual disease and complications.


Parotid, Oncocytoma, Rare salivary gland tumor

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