Published: 2019-03-26

Faecolith leading to acute exacerbation of chronic appendicitis: case report and review of literature

Anand Kishore, Anand Kumar Jaiswal


Acute appendicitis remains the most common acute condition often requiring surgical intervention. Obstruction of appendicular lumen by faecalith or lymphoid hyperplasia is the main cause of acute appendicitis. There is no possible way to prevent the development of acute appendicitis. The only way to reduce morbidity and mortality is by timely intervention and doing appendicectomy before perforation and gangrene of appendix occurs. We report a case of chronic appendicitis by a giant faecolith leading to chronic pain. This case is being reported is an example of how large an appendiceal faecalith can be.


Acute appendicitis, Chronic appendicitis, Faecolith, Giant

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