The role of robotics in liver surgery


  • Sushant Rai Department of General Surgery, Second Hospital of Jilin University, No. 218 of Ziqiang St., Changchun, Jilin Province, 130041, China
  • Rui Xin Lin Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Second Hospital of Jilin University, No. 218 of Ziqiang St., Changchun, Jilin Province, 130041, China



da Vinci surgical system, EndoWrist™, Hepatobiliary surgery, Laparoscopic liver resection, Parenchymal sparing liver surgery, Robotic surgery


Laparoscopic surgery has become a staple in many tertiary care centres worldwide. However, due to the inherent limitations of laparoscopic surgery, adoption of minimal access approaches in surgery of the liver has been slow and patchy. Every hepatobiliary surgeon knows the limitations of laparoscopic surgery of the liver. Advanced robotic surgical systems have been introduced to fill gaps in the technical feasibility of minimal access liver resections We try to explore the use of advanced robotic systems in hepatobiliary surgery and how the novel system could help circumvent the inherent limitations of laparoscopic liver surgery. The manuscript reviews the current data concerning laparoscopic, as well as, open versus robotic approaches in liver surgery. Authors show that although robotic surgery is in its infancy, the promising role cannot be ignored. With the increasing trend towards parenchymal saving liver resection, robotics will only positively aid in the wider adoption and growth of minimally invasive techniques. Although robotics is still evolving, the need in liver surgery is evident. Further long-term research is required, however, to confirm the huge potential of robotics in liver surgery.


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