Outcome of patients undergoing amputation for diabetic foot ulcer

Ashokkumar D., Vinothkumar S., Heber Anandan


Background: Foot ulcers are the principal cause of severe complications and hospitalization among patients with diabetes, substantially increasing the costs with this disease. Peripheral neuropathy, ulceration, infection, and peripheral vascular disease are the principal factors for ulcer complications and loss of a lower limb in diabetic patients. The aim of the present endeavor was to study the patients undergoing amputation for the diabetic foot ulcer.

Methods: Total 150 patients with diabetic foot ulcer were included in this study. The variables investigated were related to diabetes, infection, and surgical treatment. In our series amputation were done at different levels anatomical levels ranging from toe level ranging from toe level to above knee amputation.

Results: Pus culture and sensitivity done for diabetic foot ulcers reveal E. coil as the most common organism (40%). Skin biopsy done in these patients reveal neuropathic changes in 102 patients. 40% of patients had vaso-occlusive disease. Nine out of 150 patients showed osteomyelitis changes emphasizing those diabetic ulcer patients are prone for osteomyelitis of the underlying bone. 46% of patients with diabetic foot ulcer needed either minor or major amputation, which correlates with the standard study.

Conclusions: Lack of awareness about diabetes mellitus and its lower limb complications, poor compliance to the treatment, poorly controlled blood sugar levels, delay in diagnosis, and late presentation to the tertiary care center are all factors which led to the occurrence of diabetic foot ulcer.


Complications, Diabetic foot ulcer, Management

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