Published: 2019-05-28

A clinicopathological study of stomach carcinoma in a tertiary care hospital of central India

Anil Akulwar, Akshay Akulwar, Siddarth Rao, Ravinder Narang


Background: The incidence of gastric cancer varies in different part of world. It is a series problem as it involves development of malignancy in stomach and affected by with daily life style of the habituates.

Methods: The present study was carried out at tertiary care center of districts of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and neighborhood districts of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh for the tenure of six years. Study and collection of data were assessed by examination of one hundred and seven patients suffering with the gastric carcinoma.

Results: Males were found to be more susceptible in a ratio of 1.22/1. Mean age of incidence was assessed as nearly 55 years. Smoking, alcohol, mixed diet, weight gain, positive family history and history acid peptic disease were reported in 23.4%, 24.3%, 63.8%, 2.8% 36.4% and 36.4% cases. Mild to severe anemia was also reported. Most accountable symptom was abdominal pain, followed by vomiting. Lump in abdomen and nausea were some other symptoms. Jaundice in little percentage was also observed. Antrum was most common site of malignancy observed in more than 50% cases. Cardia, pylorus and fundus were involved in 17, 14 and 03 patients. Thickening of stomach wall were observed. Adrenocarcinoma was in 100 patient’s symptoms.

Conclusions: Incidence of cases in these areas refers to poor dietary habits. Increasing the literacy and awareness regarding the causative factors in the respective areas contributes to decrease the incidence and risk too.


Abdominal pain, Gastric carcinoma, Life style

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