Giant jejunal leiomyosarcoma: a rare case


  • Jakkula Srikanth Department of General Surgery, SVS Medical College, KNR University of Health Sciences, India
  • E. Rajesh Goud Department of Surgical Oncology, SVS Medical College, KNR University of Health Sciences, India
  • Sri Harsha Muvva Department of General Surgery, SVS Medical College, KNR University of Health Sciences, India
  • Kanmathareddy Amulya Department of General Surgery, SVS Medical College, KNR University of Health Sciences, India



Asymptomatic, Bleeding, Chemotherapy, Immunohistochemistry, Nulliparous


Unlike other gastrointestinal neoplasms, small bowel tumours are often rare. Of this, leimyosarcoma of jejnum is extremely uncommon. Most of these patients are asymptomatic however in few cases may present with acute presentation such as intestinal obstruction, bleeding and perforation. A 35 years old female presented to the hospital with complaints of pain and vomiting. On palpation, an irregular 21x18cms lump with variable consistency and irregular borders which was intraabdominal and intraperitoneal. CECT revealed heterogenous, hypoechoic mass extending from epigastric to hypogastric region with probable diagnosis of mesenchymal tumour (probably GIST/LEIOMYOSARCOMA), however exact site of origin couldn’t be traced. Patient underwent exploratory laprotomy, 25x20cms irregular mass arising from jejunum was resected and sent for histopathological examination. HPE and immunohistochemistry revealed grade 3 leiomyosarcoma.


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