A novel treatment protocol in acute pancreatitis: the first double blinded comparative trial of omega 3 fatty acid infusion versus octreotide

H. G. M. Rudraiah, Siddharth Vijay Kalke, Aniruddha Desai


Background: Over decades the treatment of acute pancreatitis remains debatable with no common consensus on treatment guidelines, with some workers using octreotide infusion and some workers only relying on fluid therapy and symptomatic management. This is the first of its kind double blinded comparative trial between omega 3 fatty acid infusion versus octreotide infusion and its response in cases of acute pancreatitis.: Our aim is to study the efficacy of omega 3 fatty acid infusion and set a new treatment protocol in cases of acute pancreatitis with the use of omega 3 fatty acid infusion in all admitted cases of acute pancreatitis unless otherwise contraindicated.

Methods: This is the first study where a doubled blinded randomised control trial was undertaken in proven cases of acute pancreatitis and patients were given omega 3 fatty acid infusion and octreotide infusion and the observations were documented and followed upon.100 cases of proven acute pancreatitis were randomised with double blinded closed envelop method. 50 cases were given omega 3 fatty acid infusion and other 50 were given octreotide infusion and the clinical response, symptomatic improvement was assessed and compared using BISAP and Marshal scoring systems and lipase levels. Chi Square test was used along with unpaired t test and p value was obtained in both groups.

Results: Omega 3 fatty acid infusion was found to be highly significant as compared to octreotide in cases of acute pancreatitis in terms of clinical improvement, reduced hospital stay, reversal of organ dysfunction and SIRS.

Conclusions: Omega 3 fatty acid infusion is the future in cases of acute pancreatitis which is cheap and easily available with no side effects and reduces the morbidity and mortality in acute pancreatits with reduced hospital stay in turn resulting in overall reduced medical expenditure.


Acute pancreatitis, Celepid, Octreotide, Omega 3 fatty acid infusion, ω-3 FA

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