Spigelian hernia: a rare abdominal hernia

Sajid Hussain, Shakil Jawed, Zamurrad Parveen, Md. Asjad Karim Bakhteyar


Spigelian hernia is a rare variety of abdominal wall hernia occurring through the spigelian fascia which is composed of the aponeurotic layer between rectus muscle medially and semilunar line laterally. Generally it is difficult to diagnose because of their location and non specific symptoms. Diagnosis is aided by ultrasonography and Computerized Tomography. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, it is repaired surgically as risk of incarceration is high. We reported this interesting case of spigelian hernia with associated port site hernia in a 53 year old female patient from Arwal district, Bihar who presented with occasional lower abdominal pain. The hernia was reduced and defect was repaired. Her recovery was uneventful.


Arcuate line, Incarceration, Rectus muscle, Spigelian Hernia, Semilunar line

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