Transvisceral migration of gossypiboma presenting as gastric outlet obstruction managed endoscopically

Raju Ranjan, Nityasha N., Anubhav P., Kuldeep Arya, Neha Mishra


A cotton matrix retained in a body cavity following surgical procedures is termed as gossypiboma or textilloma. It may have variable presentations such as abdominal mass, fistula, abscess or sometimes even with non-specific complaints. Transvisceral migration however is a rare event. We report a case of spontaneous transvisceral migration of gossypiboma following open cholecystectomy presenting with gastric outlet obstruction. A large sized sponge was found impacted in the pylorus on upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy. The sponge was retrieved endoscopically and the patient was relieved of his symptoms thereafter.


Transvisceral migration, Gossypiboma, Gastric outlet obstruction

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