Gastric volvulus post sleeve gastrectomy converted to gastric bypass in pregnancy: a case report


  • Baillie W. C. Ferris Department of Surgery, Ipswich General Hospital, Ipswich, Qeensland, Australia



Bariatric Surgery, Internal Hernia, Reoperative Bariatric Surgery, Volvulus


Complications arising from revision bariatric surgery can be complex due to altered anatomy. This is especially the case in a bariatric patient who becomes pregnant. I present an interesting case of a female patient who suffered a gastric volvulus during pregnancy after having had revision gastric bypass surgery 3 years prior, secondary to an internal hernia. This case highlights that revision bariatric surgery attracts a higher rate of complication, both preoperatively and long term, as well as highlighting the need for a high degree of suspicion for rare causes of abdominal pain in patients post bariatric surgery. Pregnancy is also an added risk factor for these patients.


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