A study of complications of temporary ileostomy in cases of acute abdomen with ileal perforation and obstruction

Chandan Roy Choudhury, Tshering Doma Bhutia, Bodhisattva Bose


Background: Construction of a gastrointestinal stoma is a frequently performed surgical procedure. Although formation of defunctioning loop ileostomy is usually a straightforward procedure, there is an appreciable complication rate. The purpose of the research was to study the complications, outcome associated with temporary ileostomy and to study the complications related to its closure.

Methods: Institutional based observational study using prospective data collection large ileal perforations covering more than one third of the circumference, or gangrenous change or severe adhesions and old perforations with presence of peritoneal contamination were included in the study. 50 patients were included in the study. Clinical, intra-operative, biochemical parameters with stomal and peristomal complications and tissue histopathology were assessed in the study.

Results: The commonest aetiology for which stoma was performed enteric perforation (44%) whereas perforation was the commonest aetiology for which stoma was performed (64%) apart from gangrene and other aetiologies. The commonest post-operative complication encountered was skin excoriation (64%). Most of the the complications encountered post operatively were statistically significant when correlated with aetiology and duration of presentation.

Conclusions: Although being bothersome, loop ileostomy is still a live saving procedure. Complications of stoma could be managed conservatively with the application of proper user-friendly stoma appliances and it is of paramount importance that ileostomies are properly sited. Before closure of ileostomy it is essential to be careful of operative biopsy report showing non-specific inflammation. Preference of surgeons in the present day to perform ileostomy in emergency setting is increasing.


Complications, Ileostomy, Temporary

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