Splenic lymphangioma: a rare benign tumor in adults

Mohammed Raza, Preethi S. P., Harish Kumar P., Mir Zeeshan Ali, Pranav Jasuja


Primary benign tumors of the spleen are extremely rare and account for less than 0.007% of all tumors identified upon surgery and autopsy. Splenic lymphangioma is a rare malformation of the splenic lymphatic channels, mostly seen in children. It is characterized by the presence of cysts, resulting from increases in the size and number of thin-walled lymphatic vessels that are abnormally interconnected and dilated. We report the case of 45-year-old female, came with chief complaint of pain abdomen for 1 month. Radiological imaging showed multiple echogenic non-enhancing lesions with septate cystic changes. Splenectomy was done. HPE was reported as Splenic Lymphangioma. The clinical picture is variable; small lesions are often incidentally detected through imaging studies, while larger lesions can result in compression of organs, causing pain or rupture even after minor trauma. Therefore, splenic lymphangiomas should be considered in the differential diagnosis of splenomegaly or left upper quadrant pain even among adults and should be immediately treated with splenectomy; delay in the therapeutic intervention can lead to life-threatening complications.


Lymphangioma, Spleen, Splenectomy

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