Liposarcoma of mesorectum presenting as chronic intestinal obstruction: a rare case

Rajesh Goud E., Muvva Sri Harsha, Jakkula Srikanth, Kanmathareddy Amulya


The term ‘liposarcoma’ refers to a spectrum of neoplastic lesions that can be benign to malignant and likely to recur or metastasize. Liposarcoma is a common soft tissue sarcoma found in adults and occurs mostly in extremities especially thigh followed by retroperitoneum. Here we present a case of spindle cell variant of well differentiated liposarcoma of mesorectum and underwent Anterior resection for the same. The treatment of choice for liposarcomas of retroperitoneum remains debatable and there are no clear-cut guidelines available regarding the same. However, considering the higher rates of local recurrence we advise a complete surgical excision following anatomical principles.


Liposarcoma, Mesorectum, Retroperitoneum, Recurrence

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