Open reduction and internal fixation of paediatric mandibular fracture: a case report and review of literature

Surya Rao Rao Venkata Mahipathy, Alagar Raja Durairaj, James Solomon Jesudasan, Narayanamurthy Sundaramurthy, Manimaran Ramachandran, Praveen Ganesh Natarajan


The type of craniomaxillofacial fractures in children and young adults varies with evolving skeletal anatomy and social and environmental factors. The general principles of treating mandibular fractures are common for children and adults: Anatomic reduction along with rigid skeletal stabilization is mandatory until bone union has occurred. Here we present a female child with a road traffic accident presenting with fractures of the right parasymphysis and the left angle of the mandible with significant displacement. Open reduction and internal fixation with stainless steel miniplates and screws was done, with good post-operative recovery.


fixation of paediatric fractures, Paediatric trauma, Paediatric facial fractures

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