Perforation of old gastrojejunal anastomotic site presenting as acute abdomen: a case report

Tharun Ganapathy C., Jeyakumar S., Manimaran P., Sidhu Sekhar


Complications at the gastrojejunal anastomosis site after a bypass procedure is challenging in terms of diagnosis, therapy and prevention. Complications most frequently encountered are marginal ulcer, bleeding and stenosis, while perforation secondary to ulceration at anastomosis site is very rare and seldom reported. Direct exposure of gastric acid is the important cause of ulcer formation which may get further complicated by the use of NSAID's, alcohol intake and smoking. We report a case of 47-year-old male who developed perforation at the gastrojejunal anastomotic site of old gastrojejunostomy for peptic ulcer disease.


Gastrojejunal anastomosis, H. pylori, Peptic ulcer disease, Perforation

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