Osseous metaplasia of ovarian cyst: a rare case report

Anil Kumar Singh, Priyanka Gogoi, Preeti Diwaker, Bhuvan Adhlakha, Aishwary Gayatree


Osseous metaplasia has been described at many sites, however previous reports of osseous metaplasia in ovarian lesions are rare. This is most commonly associated with dermoid cyst, osseous metaplasia in stroma rich in serous or mucinous neoplasm and ossification of endometriotic cyst (chocolate cyst). Here The authors report a case of incidental finding of osseous metaplasia in the endometriotic cyst (chocolate cyst) of resected ovary in 42-year-old female who had gone for total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for provisional diagnosis of AUB.


Endometriotic cyst, Osseous metaplasia, Ovarian cyst

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