A giant trichobezoar with Rapunzel syndrome: a case report

Gaurav Wadhawan, Kailash C. Vyas, Ravi Bhatia


Bezoar is a conglomeration of foreign material in the intestinal tract. Trichobezoar is accumulation of hairs in the gastric chamber and Rapunzel Syndrome is accumulation of hairs in the small intestine. This commonly occurs in children and adolescents who are commonly suffering from a psychiatric disorder called Trichotillomania in which they have the habit of eating hairs which is called Trichophagia. Authors are presenting a case of a fourteen years old girl who kept on eating her hairs and nails to develop a giant Trichobezoar with a short segment of Rapunzel Syndrome.


Rapunzel syndrome, Trichobezoar, Trichotillomania

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