Tissue expansion in operated cases of transposition flap of scalp for correction of donor site alopecia and patient’s satisfaction

Pradeep Goil, Abhimanyu Singh, Hiranmayi Kumari, Ayush Jain


Background: Scalp defects managed by local transposition flaps with donor site alopecia are aesthetically not acceptable to patients. Scalp expansion with tissue expanders is needed for proper correction of this deformity.

Methods: Authors retrospectively reviewed all cases of post traumatic and post burn scalp defects that were managed initially by local transposition flap and later by scalp expansion by tissue expanders at our institute over a period of 5 years and conducted an outcome survey. Authors’ institutional protocol in such patients and results of the review are presented.

Results: Twenty-eight patients were included in the study. Eight patients had post traumatic and 20 cases had post electric burn scalp defect. The mean age of patients was 28.92±8.26 years. Thirty-eight tissue expanders of various sizes (200-600 ml) were used in 28 patients. The mean follow-up time was 9.07±1.92 months. Major complication rate in present study was 2.63%. Results of outcome survey revealed more than 90% patients were satisfied after third surgery.

Conclusions: Scalp transposition flap donor site alopecia can be easily corrected by tissue expansion. The complications are not severe and can be managed easily. It should be offered to all such types of patients, as it leads to proper social rehabilitation and satisfaction among these groups of patients.


Level of evidence, Level IV, Therapeutic study

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