Study of direct cost of care among ENT surgical inpatients at a tertiary teaching hospital

Vinish Kumar Agarwal, Sampan Singh Bist, Lovneesh Kumar, Himanshu Kumar Mittal, Mahima Luthra


Background: Cost of care in hospital includes direct cost and indirect cost. Direct cost is a price that patient pays to hospital in form of expenditure. Ever-growing health cost is concern for both health care provider and health care seeker.

Methods: Non-sponsored self-paying inpatients of ENT department were included in this prospective study. Structured proforma was used to extract information regarding surgery cost, investigation cost, pharmacy cost, patient care charges and hospital staying charges.

Results: Out of 33 patients 49% were admit for >6 days, 39% were admitted up to 3 days, while 12% patients stayed for 4-6 days. Average surgery fees charges were 37% and pharmacy charges and investigation charges were about 25%. 82% patients were operated under general anaesthesia while 18% patients were operated under local anaesthesia.

Conclusions: Major surgery under general anaesthesia force patients longer stay in hospital and increases cost of care by increasing pharmacy and investigation bill. So, we should focus on anaesthesia time, anaesthesia type and judicious use of investigations for reducing overall health cost care to make it affordable to all.


Direct cost, ENT surgery, Indirect cost, Length of stay, Type of anaesthesia

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