Consequences of gallbladder inflammation: spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula: a case report


  • Swati Sulakshane Department of Surgery, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Vaibhav Thakare Department of Surgery, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Ramesh Dumbre Department of Surgery, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Cholelithiasis, Gallbladder inflammation, Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula


One of the most unusual complications in gall bladder disease is spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula (SCF), which has only been reported a few times in the literature. We report the case of a 67-year-old man who presented with a right hypochondrium discharging sinus. Identification of a cholecystocutaneous fistula was made by computed tomography with contrast media, followed by MRCP. This confirmed the presence of a fistulous pathway between the gallbladder and the skin. The patient underwent exploratory laparotomy with subtotal cholecystectomy with en block aponeurotic muscle, skin and fistula orifice excision.


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