Effect of varicocelectomy on seminogram in patients with clinical varicocele

Tulit Chhabra, Satish Dalal, Sant Prakash, Nityasha Nara, Chisel Bhatia, Jagat Pal Beniwal


Background: Despite various studies published in the recent years, efficacy of varicocelectomy and its influence on semen parameters, particularly sperm count, motility and morphology has not yet been determined. Conflicting results obtained in different studies, accounts for sparked interest in varicocele management and its effects on seminal parameters. Therefore, present study was designed in an attempt to evaluate the effect of varicocelectomy on the semen parameters by analyzing reports that included men with varicoceles who had both preoperative and postoperative semen examination done.

Methods: The present prospective study enrolled fifty patients. Varicocele was graded by Dubin grading system by palpation in standing and during Valsalva maneuver under adequate exposure and illumination. Macro and microscopic assessment of semen samples was carried out according to WHO guidelines. The surgical approach used for varicocelectomy was inguinal (Modified Ivanissevich procedure).

Results: Significant improvement in semen parameters viz sperm counts/ml, sperm counts/ejaculate and sperm motility were observed after varicocelectomy. We noted no effect of patient’s age on the degree of improvement in semen parameters post operatively. Preoperatively, men with Grade III varicoceles had lower sperm counts and sperm motility, but significant improvement was observed post-operatively compared to men with Grades I and II varicoceles.

Conclusions: Our study supports the fact that, varicocele exerts a deleterious effect upon sperm motility, concentration and repair of varicocele leads to improvement in these seminal parameters. The repair of larger varicocele seems to be a predictor for better post-repair semen parameters. Varicocele is a treatable cause of male infertility (primary and secondary), so patients undergoing varicocelectomy should have a pre-operative and post-operative semen examination done routinely.


Ivanissevich procedure, Seminogram, Varicocele, WHO

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