Spontaneous perforation of caecum, a rare entity: case report and review of literature

Rakesh Sharma, Biren P. Padhy, Supreet Kumar, G. Lakshmi Suchithra, Meka Hareesh


Spontaneous perforation of caecum is a rare entity. Here we present a case of 72-year-old male who had presented with pain, distension of abdomen with tense pneumo-peritonium and peritonitis. Exploratory laparotomy showed caecal perforation without any obvious cause.  Various theories have been proposed regarding the pathology but still its etiology remains a dilemma. Though it is not a common entity, it weighs a high importance in case of diagnosis and prompt intervention due to its high mortality from peritonitis and septicaemia.


Caecum, Perforation, Spontaneous

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