Published: 2016-12-08

A rare case of ischiorectal abscess presenting with extensive abdominal wall abscess

C. Danny Darlington, G. Fatima Shirly Anitha


Ischiorectal abscess accounts for one third of anorectal infections.Ischiorectal abscess spreading into the anterior abdominal wall and forming extensive abscesses is rarely encountered. We present a 52 year old diabetic patient who presented initially with perianal abscess. After a week he presented with abdominal wall cellulitis which soon progressed to an abscess which involved the entire abdominal wall circumferentially. Imaging did not reveal any communication into the peritoneal cavity. Multiple stab incisions were made in the abdominal wall and pus drained and the patient recovered.


Ischiorectal abscess, Abdominal wall Abscess

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