Angiosarcoma of small intestine presenting with intestinal obstruction


  • Md. Tabrez Aziz Department of Surgery, Rahmania Medical Centre, Motihari, Bihar
  • Md. Omar Tabrez Department of Surgery, Rahmania Medical Centre, Motihari, Bihar



Primary angiosarcoma, Small intestine, Intestinal obstruction, Abdominal pain, Intestinal tumour


Angiosarcomas are rare high-grade vascular tumors that mostly have poor prognosis. The pathogenesis of an intestinal Angiosarcoma is not clear and many etiologic factors have been suggested. In this report, we reviewed the English-written literature about primary intestinal Angiosarcomas and analyzed a case of 50-year-old male patient with intestinal Angiosarcoma presenting with intestinal obstruction and acute abdominal pain and absolute constipation. We report a unique case of Angiosarcoma of small intestine presented with intestinal obstruction. A 50-year-old male patient came with complaint of pain, vomiting, abdominal distension and absolute constipation. Investigations suggested he was anemic. X-ray abdomen erect suggested multiple air fluid level. USG revealed intestinal obstruction. Emergency Exploratory Laparotomy was performed; there was Intra-abdominal tumor present over the serosal surface of ileum with torsion causing Volvulus of small bowel leading to obstruction. Histopathology and Immunohistochemistry confirmed the tumor to be Angiosarcoma arising from small intestine. Literature review has suggested exploratory laparotomy is the definitive diagnosis. Prognosis tends to be favorable after resection.






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