A study of autologous free fat transplantation for augmentation of contour deformities of face: a study of 10 cases with review of literature


  • Chandrakant R. Gharwade Department of Plastic Surgery, St. George’s Hospital under Grant Government. Medical College and Sir J.J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Pranav G. Jawade Intern, Grant Government. Medical College and Sir J.J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, Maharashtra




Autologous, Free fat transplant, Face deformities


Increased understanding, improving technology and the latest advances along with growing emphasis on the operative details over a period of last 100 years are the important factors due to which, 'free fat transplant' is now becoming a method of choice for reconstruction of soft tissue deformity of face. Although it requires initial overfilling of the fat and also considering the possibility of uncontrolled, unpredicted absorption of the injected fat, transplant of the free fat itself being a simple and cost effective procedure has emerged out to be a treatment of choice for contour deformities of face and is preferred over other methods of soft tissue reconstruction for the face. It gives natural look and feel to the tissue and also has less post-operative consequences comparatively. Here we present our experience of free fat auto-transplant for soft tissue reconstruction of face by taking into account ten cases in whom, we performed the procedure and kept a follow-up to obtain the exact status of results, benefits and complications. Also we are comparing our result with that mentioned in the literature and presenting it with a review.






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