Breast granular cell tumour: a case report and literature review


  • Yan Ying Li Department of Surgery, Tseung Kwan O Hospital, Hong Kong
  • Yee Kei Tsoi Department of Surgery, North District Hospital, Hong Kong
  • Monalyn Marabi The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



Breast granular cell tumour, Wide local excision, Margin involvement, Margin re-excision


Granular cell tumour of the breast, being a rare disease entity poses diagnostic challenges as it often mimics carcinoma. The mainstay of treatment for GCT is wide local excision and prognosis is good with negative margin. We hereby report a case of breast granular cell tumour presenting as a palpable breast lump with positive margin involvement after wide local excision, managed by margin re-excision. We also review existing literature on the clinical presentation, histopathological and radiological description and the of the disease.


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