Pancreatic tuberculosis: a case report


  • Bethany K. Matthews Department of General Surgery, The Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
  • Pranavan Palamuthusingam Department of General Surgery, The Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Mycobacterium, Tuberculosis, Pancreas, Extrapulmonary tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection secondary to Mycobacterium tuberculosis with highest burden within low socioeconomic communities. Most individuals with tuberculosis infection are immunocompromised due to underlying medical conditions such as human immunodeficiency virus. However, tuberculosis can manifest in immunocompetent individuals although the incidence is significantly less. Pancreatic tuberculosis is exceedingly rare with autopsy series revealing pancreatic tuberculosis <5% of tuberculosis infected individuals. This case report will discuss a 16-year-old female presenting with pancreatic tuberculosis masquerading as possible pancreatic malignancy. Emphasis is placed on the challenging diagnostic nature of pancreatic tuberculosis as it presents with non-specific clinical symptoms which are in keeping with a wide range of differential diagnoses. Once correctly diagnosed pancreatic tuberculosis presents the potential of cure. It is for this reason whilst a rare diagnosis clinicians should be mindful of pancreatic tuberculosis to ensure timely correct treatment is pursued and unnecessary surgical procedures avoided.


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