Jejunal diverticulum perforation leading to extra intestinal faecolith formation: a case report


  • Matthew L. Basa Department of General Surgery, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Queensland Health, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Andrew Riddell Department of General Surgery, Redcliffe Hospital, Queensland Health, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia



Jejunal diverticulitis, Faecoltih, Perforation, Foreign body


A 54-year-old woman with a history of jejunal diverticulitis presented with vague abdominal pain and underwent a laparotomy for a suspected foreign body perforation based on CT imaging. Surprisingly, no foreign body was found, but rather a chronic jejunal diverticulum with perforation and early-stage faecolith formation within the contained site. This rare case challenges assumptions about jejunal diverticulitis management and suggests that premature faecolith formation can occur post-perforation. We proposed revising treatment strategies to consider conservative measures for stable patients with contained perforations, emphasizing accurate diagnosis and individualized management, and promoting further research to establish evidence-based guidelines specific to jejunal diverticulitis.


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